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GEORGE RONY: 1908 - 1971




GEORGE JURY RONY was a Russian-born interpreter of foreign affairs. He came to America with his wife and infant son in 1940 and headed to Hollywood to continue his profession as a documentary film producer. Traveling by car, the gas mask he brought from war-torn Europe attracted the attention of a service station attendant, who invited the foreign traveler to speak about his European experiences to his "boys", who turned out to be members of the local dinner club.

GEORGE RONY's reputation accompanied him across the country, as he brought to dinner club members first-hand knowledge about a continent under seige.

He left an enormous body of work -- film scripts, documentary footage, television series, autobiography, lectures, extensive art and stamp collections, aution catalogs, magazine articles, as well as the requisite correspondence -- in four languages!

It was his desire that his film legacy survive for future generations to learn from, so that the mistakes of history would not be repeated. We have created this website to honor his message and share his body of work as a legacy for generations of Rony children that succeed him in life. This archive is also for those who know that although tempora mutantur jos et mutamur in illis (times change and we change with them), the future must always carry the burden of the past.

ROSETTE RONY: 1908 - 2005

We honor, too, the memory of our beloved mother, ROSETTE RONY, and her indominable spirit through 96 years 10 months of life. She met GEORGE RONY in Paris, where she established her own practice as a dental surgeon long before women regularly entered the profession. Tri-lingual, intuitive, resourceful and steadfast, she kept the household infrastructure going through 24 years of marriage and left a legacy of unconditional love and devotion to her two children, six grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

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