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Background to Battle was compiled by GEORGE RONY from the considerable library of documentary footage he had amassed over the course of his life. In 1955, he licensed footage to KCOP, an independent Los Angeles television station, for a weekly documentary series on the events in Europe that culminated in World War I and II, As one of the earliest shows on the new medium called television, GEORGE RONY was a pioneer of documentary television and precursor of the popular Victory at Sea.

Although GEORGE RONY had planned 26 shows for the launch of Background to Battle, another documentary film collector filed suit against him, claiming that some footage had been pirated. RONY prevailed (see Axelbank v. Rony), but the litigation prompted KCOP to cancel Background to Battle and ended his television career.

The Show Schedule includes a summary of each of the Background to Battle series televised in 1955. KCOP-TV distributed an informational flyer for the new documentary series.

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George Rony
Emperor Franz Joseph
Gavrilo Princip
Kaiser Wilhelm II
French taxis
Battlefield cannons
Battleship Viribus Unitis
General Nikolai Nikolaevitch

WWI airplane
French President Poincare
Brigadier General Pershing
President Woodrow Wilson
President Clemenceau and General Foch
The Big Four

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